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Travel Mug takes a dip in Portugal

When you think Portugal, do think beautiful sand, gorgeous skies and relaxing by the pool? That's ok, me neither. But surprise, surprise the Travel … [Read more...]

The Travel Mug’s friends send in photos from their adventures

Ask and she will receive! Woo hoo -- the Travel Mug has been requesting that you send in your photos from across the globe. And a few have! And a … [Read more...]

Travel Mug has a pint in Dublin

The mug pulled up a spot at Dublin's famed Temple Bar. According to wikipedia, "It probably got its name from the Temple family, who lived in the area … [Read more...]

Guess the Travel Mug’s Destination

Here is the Travel Mug visiting some distant relatives. Make your guesses in the comments section. I will keep adding hints for a few days. Hint … [Read more...]

The Travel Mug’s “relaxing” Staycation!

This summer the Travel Mug has been on many adventures around the world, but the Travel Mug also knows that home is where the heart is. And the Mug … [Read more...]

All aboard! The Travel Mug takes the train to Switzerland

The Travel Mug has pulled in to Switzerland at the Basel SBB railway station, a central transit point for travelers from France and Germany. Basle is … [Read more...]

Postcards from Denmark

Hooray! A first for the Travel Mug, a postcard from Rudkøbing Havn, Denmark. And it is from Cousin Yunomi. As a reader you must be thinking three … [Read more...]

A Caneca do Curso diz: “Olá a partir de São Paulo!”

That's Portuguese for: The Travel Mug says, "Hello from São Paulo!" (if you want to hear how it sounds check out this site and click the "listen" … [Read more...]