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March is Tagine Month!

  TAGINE, the name of both the dish and the pot it is cooked in, are traditionally done on the stovetop so the moisture condenses on the cool … [Read more...]

Turkish Red Lentil, Bulgur, and Mint Soup… Ezo Gelin Corbasi

This is a recipe for a lentil soup I found in Clifford A. Wright's cookbook, The Best Soups in the World. This is a popular Turkish soup, often made … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking-Paula Wolfert

Well, we have to admit it, we're kind of proud....of Paula Wolfert for her most beautiful book yet, with recipes that'll make you drool; and to be a … [Read more...]

Paula Wolfert and Flameware Pottery

As followers of Clay Coyote know, we've been working on developing a Flameware Stovetop Ceramic Cookware line for clay pot cooking some time now. We … [Read more...]