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March is Tagine Month!

Step 3

  TAGINE, the name of both the dish and the pot it is cooked in, are traditionally done on the stovetop so the moisture condenses on the cool … [Read more...]

Turkish Red Lentil, Bulgur, and Mint Soup… Ezo Gelin Corbasi

Red Lentil and Bulgur Soup with Mint

This is a recipe for a lentil soup I found in Clifford A. Wright's cookbook, The Best Soups in the World. This is a popular Turkish soup, often made … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking-Paula Wolfert

front and back

Well, we have to admit it, we're kind of proud....of Paula Wolfert for her most beautiful book yet, with recipes that'll make you drool; and to be a … [Read more...]

Paula Wolfert and Flameware Pottery

As followers of Clay Coyote know, we've been working on developing a Flameware Stovetop Ceramic Cookware line for clay pot cooking some time now. We … [Read more...]