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The Final Show

I've gotten a little behind here with fall production and development of a new line of pots for you. The last shows were Frankfort (IL) over Labor … [Read more...]


Higland Park Art FestOur second show this year was Highland Park in St Paul. What was a good smaller show in past years has now had the addition of … [Read more...]

The Show Is Over

Well, at least the Art show season is done for us this year. Long weekend. We went to Bayfield WI, the gorgeous town that is the jumping off point for … [Read more...]

Art Show Reflections

Bob Carls, Woodturner, Aitken MN...couldn't resistVisit him at http://www.ripplerivergallery.com/rrwt.htmTHE ART SHOW …… an insider’s viewMany artists … [Read more...]

To butter or not to butter…that is the question

This month’s edition of Cooking Light talks about the last 20 years worth of butter evolution. Yes butter, no butter, yes margarine, no margarine, "I … [Read more...]

More from cassole lovers…

It is amazing what you can find on the internet! eGForums is the "eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and letters" here is one that I found … [Read more...]