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HIDDEN ART GEM UNCOVERED!!! Travels with Tom & Betsy

On our way to Chicago for the Frankfort Fall Fest, we uncovered a hidden gem this year…Mineral Point, WI. It was an old mining town that had been pretty near shuttered in the 1950’s and 60’s. The a few artists discovered it and began to build studios. Shops followed. Now it’s an amazing array of galleries and artist studios.

Down towrds the bottom of the main street hill we were attracted by something on the ‘balcony’ of one shop. (You’re going to have to click on this to figure it out).

It’s the home of Howdle Gallery and Bruce Howdle. Bruce is most famous for his large ceramic wall sculptures (here he is working on one), but one of his fascinations is pigs.
He has done wonderful sculptures, mugs, wall pieces, you name it, with pig themes. Ask him how he came to have this old building and out comes the picture album. He’s done much of the work himself over more than 20 years. The character of the building is wonderful. We’d strongly recommend Clyde and Carolyn stop in….you too!
Mineral Pt. is about 1-1/2 hours SW of Madison…a bit out of the way, but well worth the trip. Look at their website for special celebrations during the year. For Chicagoans it’s an easy day trip. If you’re headed north or south along I-94, plan a few extra hours.

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